In 2008 an engineer got the idea to help smokers quit smoking by using a new filter-technology. The first prototypes of these filters were tested for months under the extraction fan in his kitchen – not because he enjoyed it, but to test and fine-tune the filter process.

The goal was to create a new alternative within smoking cessation, which could help smokers quit without using any medicine or nicotine replacement – and with as little side effects as possible.

In 2009 SmokeQuit ApS was established. The following years was used to fully develop the smoking cessation product we now know as Smooff Smoking Cessation. As you might know, the Smooff smoking cessation product lets you gradually reduce your intake of smoke and nicotine over 28 days, without any use of medicine or nicotine replacement.

In 2014 Smooff Smoking Cessation was launched and sold in collaboration with the Danish pharmacies. In 2015, SmokeQuit launched the product online through this homepage.



SmokeQuit’s mission is to create new products for smoking cessation, without medicine or side effects, and which are easy to use – ultimately creating healthier lives for smokers.